How Much Will It Cost Me?

Philadelphia injury lawyers do not charge you to initially talk with you about your case. During this first visit, they will get preliminary information and consider whether or not you have a case. The visit is free and there is no obligation to hire them to handle your case.

If you do have a case and desire to hire them, Philadelphia injury lawyers normally are paid a percentage of the money damages that they recover for you. If they do not recover any money for you, then they do not get paid. This is commonly known as a contingency fee because the fee is contingent upon the lawyers recovering money for you.

As with all cases, there are costs incurred in pursuing your case. There are the costs of obtaining police reports, doctor/medical reports, photos, witness statements, court costs (if a lawsuit is necessary), etc. Generally, Philadelphia injury lawyers will pay these costs and recover them only if they recover money damages for you.

The bottom line is that in most personal injury cases, it will not cost you anything unless the Philadelphia injury lawyers recover money for you.

In fairness, every case is different. The above statement of “How Much Will It Cost Me?” is a general statement of what and how Philadelphia injury lawyers are paid. However, not every case can be handled on a contingency fee basis. Philadelphia injury lawyers reserve the sold right to charge a non-contingency fee and/or require payment of costs in advance. At the first visit (which is free), the lawyers will tell you whether or not they can handle your case on a contingency fee basis, and, if not, what their fee will be. You can then decide whether or not to hire them. If you
do hire them, there will be a written retainer agreement stating how much and when the lawyers will be paid.

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