How Much Is My Case Worth?

Philadelphia injury lawyers have to give your case a complete and through review because the value of your case depends on a lot of factors.

First, how clear is the liability of the person who caused your injuries? Insurance adjusters look at cases through the prism of how likely is it that they will have to pay. When liability is clear, it is less likely that a jury will find for the Defendant and the insurance company will have to pay. When the liability is questionable, then the Defendant has a better chance of winning and the insurance company will not have to pay.

Second, what type of injuries did you sustain? Are you sore? Did you break a bone? Did you hit your head and suffer a concussion? The easier it is to prove an injury, the more valuable a case is.

Third, how severe are your injuries? A primary way to estimate the severeness of an injury is to look at the medical costs of treatment. It is generally assumed that more severe injuries require more medical treatment. Therefore, the higher your medical bills, the more valuable your case is. However, this simple estimation does not always work. It is possible to have a fairly severe injury that requires a lot of time for healing, but requires little medical treatment.

Fourth, did your injuries cause you to miss work? If yes, then you are entitled to recover your loss wages and your case is more valuable.

Fifth, are there other activities in which your injuries prevented you from participating? If yes, then you are entitled to recover an amount that represents the value of the loss of ability to participate in the activity and the value of your case is increased.

Sixth, have you suffered a temporary or permanent disability? A temporary disability is one in which you cannot perform some function for a period of time, but in which you will eventually recover fully. A permanent disability is one in which you have permanently loss some function and will never again be able to perform the function. Clearly, your suffering a temporary disability increases the value of your case over your not suffering a disability. Likewise, your suffering a permanent disability increases the value of your case over your suffering a temporary disability.

Seventh, if you suffered a disability, was it a partial disability or a total disability? A partial disability is where you have loss a function, but you can still work and/or perform most of your daily activities. A total disability is where your loss of function is so great that you cannot work and/or perform most of your daily activities. It is possible to have a temporary partial disability, temporary total disability, permanent partial disability, or a permanent total disability.

Eight, will your injuries require medical treatment in the future? If yes, then you are entitled to be compensated for the costs of the future medical treatment.

Ninth, are there extenuating circumstances that contributed to the causation of your injuries? This part of the evaluation is looking at the behavior of the Defendant (the person who caused your injuries). Was the Defendant doing something that increased the likelihood of causing someone injury? For example, was the Defendant driving too fast or was the Defendant driving drunk?

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