How Long Will My Case Take?

Philadelphia injury lawyers will move your case along as quickly as possible. However, they will not sacrifice quality of services and results for speed. Several factors affect how quickly your case can be resolved.

First, have you recovered from your injuries or have you healed as much as you are going to heal? Until you have reached what is known as maximum medical healing, you do not know what your total medical bills will be or if you will need medical treatment in the future. Your case is simply not ready to be resolved.

Second, sometimes there are problems and/or delays in obtaining the information needed to pursue your case. It may take time to find witnesses and obtain statements from them. There may be delays if getting medical bills and reports.

Third, an insurance adjuster may, for whatever reason, drag his/her feet and not be willing to resolve your case. Or the adjuster may make an offer that is so low that it cannot be accepted.

Fourth, if either side is not willing to settle or if both sides have a different view of the value of your case, then your case must go to court. If this is the case, it may take several years to have a trial.

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